[Video] 100 Years of Filipina Beauty In Under Two Minutes


Beauty standards have and will forever change and evolve. Every edge of the world holds different ideals of beauty, whether it be beautiful sun-kissed skin, milky complexions, or defined cheekbones. No matter what you’re accustomed to, you can bet that it may all change within the next decade and the video below certainly proves that.

You probably remember YouTube channel Cut because of their video 100 Years of Beauty: Korea. Well, they’re back to deliver another collection to their 100 Years of Beauty web series with their exploration of Filipino beauty in the past century.

This evolution video begins in 1910 when the Philippines was in the midst of the Philippine American War. During this time, the Filipino idea of beauty was either heavily influenced by the Spanish (due to the long history of Spanish colonization) or untapped by Western and European influences, like the tribes of the Cordillera mountains as seen in the video. The Cordillera women were decorated in traditional spiritual tattoos and fashioned headdresses made from from the natural resources of their environment.

Once the US came into the picture, women’s beauty standards shifted greatly into Eurocentric standards brought in by the Western forces. Even after the US departed once recognizing Philippines’ independence, there was residual influence. Just look at Imelda Marcos who copied Jackie Kennedy’s beehive, the popular 90’s zig zag part and most noticeable of all, the lightening of skin tones.

The video concludes with the modern day beauty ideal with the woman rocking full and volumized, wavy hair and a more natural makeup look that embraces a sun-kissed complexion.