[VIDEO] Adorable Post-It Marriage Proposal


It seems marriage proposals are getting more and more extravagant by the minute. Really, these days who doesn’t ask their partner to marry them through an elaborate flashmob or a video launched into space? But as it turns out, all you really need to ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage is a couple of post-its.

Oh, and the help of 250 coordinated people plus access to an entire skyscraper.

I know it may sound rather over-the-top, but trust me when I say you’re going to like the creativity in this one. Many people argue that these elaborate proposals lack the intimacy of a private one, but somehow this groom-to-be manages to get the best of both worlds. Sure, this proposal is rather big and public, but he made sure that his bride wasn’t overwhelmed by a crowd of people. Instead, he arrives alone with a bouquet of flowers and keeps the moment between the two of them. Am I swooning? You bet I am.

This marriage proposal, which is now being dubbed the Unforgettable Post-It Proposal, took place in South Korea on White Day, March 14th. In some East Asian countries, Valentine’s Day is a day for women to present men with presents. A month later, men reciprocate by giving women presents, usually in the form of chocolate.

I don’t know about you, but I would take this over chocolate any day.



The video only was uploaded onto YouTube a little more than a week ago, but it has already gathered over two million views. Know any more romantic marriage proposals? Let us know!