[Video] Asian Americans Finally Have the Sex Talk With Their Parents



Last week, BuzzFeed had three Asian American women Skype their parents to talk about the most awkward, taboo topic in family conversations: sex. Better grab a blanket because there are some questions in this video that will make you want to hide forever.

The three women-Zan Crawford, Michelle Khare and Jenny Yang-kicked off the uncomfortable conversation by asking their parents how much exposure they had to sex growing up. All of the parents said they received little or absolutely no sex education during their school years.

“At the school, we never, never had anything,” said Crawford’s mother. “They just want you to put your priorities straight. You know, you are in college. You’re supposed to study.”

Khare’s father also said his high school omitted sex ed in the curriculum, adding that he learned about sex mainly from encyclopedias. “The Encyclopædia Britannica actually has a really good section,” he said, causing his daughter to erupt in laughter.

“If the parents talk about it, it’s a bit awkward,” Yang’s mother said in Mandarin. However, after her comedienne daughter assured her that she was mature enough to talk about sex with her, Mrs. Yang opened up on the topic.

Despite their initial nervousness, the three Asian American women agreed that the conversation wasn’t as scarring as they though it would be. As Khare comments at the end of the video, “It makes you love and appreciate your parents even more because you see them as human.”


You can watch the full video below:

This story was originally published on iamkoream.com