[VIDEO] Diana Bang, Unibrows and Butt-Kicking Ajummas


What happens when you have two bored sisters, two butt-kicking Ajumma puppets and a tambourine? Pure comedy.

Looks like the funny gene runs in the Bang family. The Interview starlet, Diana Bang, teams up with her sister, Andrea Bang, to create a quirky video that humorously captures the essence of the ajummas in their lives. For those who are unfamiliar, the term “ajumma” is what you would call your aunt, or generally any elderly woman, in Korean.

They may sport a visor from time to time (which apparently makes them quite the style influencer), show you some tough love and possibly overfeed you, but one thing’s certain– they are the life of the party.

For anyone who wants to get to know Diana Bang outside of this unibrow, check out her interview in KoreAm Journal‘s December 2014/January 2015 issue and Audrey Magazine‘s Winter 2014-15 issue, where she spills her secrets about her go-to karaoke song to her pet peeves.

In addition to The Interview, Canadian actress, writer and producer Diana Bang is also known for Tom Dick & Harriet (2013) and Panmunjom (2012).


Originally published on Audrey Magazine