[VIDEO] South Korean Woman’s Before and After Makeup Looks Go Viral

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

We’ve all seen the power of makeup before and how it can drastically transform someone’s face. But, one simple video of a South Korean woman removing half of her makeup has attracted more than two million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on May 2, according to Rocket News 24.

The video begins with the woman wearing full makeup and shaking a bottle of makeup remover. As a cheerful song plays in the background, she wipes the right side of her face with a cotton pad, revealing her bare (and perfectly normal) face.

While this kind of before-and-after image is nothing new, many commenters from around the world expressed their amazement over the woman’s transformation, particularly how her right eye suddenly shrank in size. Some viewers wrote that the woman used circle lenses to make her eyes bigger, while others claimed that she used double eyelid glue. Several commenters also noted that the woman was beautiful both with and without makeup.


Personally, this writer is more interested in the brand of makeup remover the young woman used. She used one cotton pad! Now that is makeup magic.


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