Watch Psy and Snoop Dogg Get Wasted On Soju In Epic Video ‘Hangover’


Psy is back—and this time, he’s brought his pal Snoop Dogg. The rappers have collaborated on a new music video, “Hangover.” And it is glorious.

Fittingly, the manic track may induce nausea. (Tip: You really don’t want to listen to it if you’re suffering from an actual hangover.) But the video can only be described as art. Psy and Snoop suit up for a wild night in Korea, taking shots of soju, singing at a noreabang, playing pool, splashing in a water fountain, getting into a bar fight and binging on drunk-food. The new song comes two weeks after “Gangnam Style’ surpassed a whopping 2 billion views on YouTube.

After watching for five minutes, you’ll probably need an aspirin. But man, wasn’t it fun?