‘Wedding Season’ Star Pallavi Sharda Discusses Nuanced Representation, South Asian Storytelling and More

Are you in the mood for romantic hijinks on a summer night in? Look no further than Netflix’s “Wedding Season.”

The film, which premiered on Aug. 4, follows two young Indian Americans, Ravi (Suraj Sharma) and Ashna (Pallavi Sharda), who have both had enough of their parents’ meddling in their love lives. The pair takes matters into their own hands as they pretend to date during the upcoming summer wedding season. As the couple fools their parents, they begin to fall in love with one another as they struggle with who they are and what their parents want. 

Sharda recently spoke with Character Media, delving deeper into how her character broke conventions and explaining the way the new rom-com highlights certain aspects of Indian marriage culture. “Ashna is a non-conformist,” said Sharda. “She’s a maverick and doesn’t want to follow the cues of what’s been generationally passed down to her as what’s an acceptable pathway. She’s incredibly bright, empathetic and is open to love; however, [she] wants all of those things to happen on her terms.”

Later in the interview, she discussed the nuances of playing a South Asian character and working with other South Asian creatives in the film. “I didn’t think that we had seen a nuanced woman of South Asian descent in this situation before in our contemporary environment, and the opportunity to work amongst such a stellar ensemble cast of South Asian artists, both in front of the camera and behind the camera,” Sharda said. “We’ve all had the intention in our work to breathe life into the nuance of what it is to be a person of South Asian descent and to move away from painting monolithic stereotypes.”  

Watch the full interview above to hear more about Sharda’s perspective and don’t forget to stream “Wedding Season,” on Netflix!