What’s Your Korean Age? Use The Korean Age Calculator And Find Out!


Think you know your age? What about your Korean age?

Here in the U.S., we start our journey in this world at age zero. In Korea, the formula is slightly skewed.

Traditionally in South Korea, everyone is automatically one year old at birth. As New Year’s Day comes along, another year is added. Therefore, a baby born on New Year’s Eve is technically considered to be two the next day.

And some Koreans calculate their birthday by the Lunar (Chinese) New Year, which starts in either late January or early February.

It’s all a bit confusing (hey, we’re not all good at math), which is why we were glad to stumble upon this handy Korean Age Calculator created by blogger Waegukin. Check it out. Though you’ll probably want to stick to your “younger” American age.

Photo via Ajumma Nation