25 Asian Youtubers To Subscribe To


The pink-lovin’ YouTube personality, known for her openness and hair to-die-for, has gone beyond describing her fashion hauls and giving hair and makeup tutorials to doing a weekly YouTube show with Seventeen Magazine called Fashion Remix!


2) Karen O (iamkareno)

“Hello! I’m Karen and I make fashion, lifestyle, and lookbook videos. Born and raised in Hong Kong and the Bay Area. My style is influenced by the toughness of the city and the lax suburban lifestyle.”



3) Michelle Phan 

“Just another old soul dreamer with childlike faith. Teaching and inspiring everyone to become their own best makeup artist 🙂 So sit back, enjoy and let’s play with makeup!”





4) Jenn Im (clothesencounters)

“I’m Jenn Im. Korean American. Born and raised in L.A. Clothes Encounters is a vlog of style musings, tutorials, and lifestyle advice.”




5) LaurDIY

“Hey! I’m Lauren, a 21 year old, Toronto based DIY and fashion YouTuber. Glitter, DIY, ripped denim & shiba inus pretty much sum up my existence.”


6) Wengie

“Here is a place where I’ll share all the things that I love! I’m so grateful for all you subscribers and appreciate all the time you spend watching my videos :)!! You guys are the reason why I’m the most subscribed Asian Beauty Channel in Australia! So much love for you guys!!

You’ll find: Simple/Everyday Makeup Tutorials and Tips, Morning and Night Time Routines & Fun Tags, Hauls & Favourites, Hair Tutorials, Diet & fitness Tips, Look books & Fashion Videos, Skincare Tutorials and Tips, and everything Beauty and Cosmetics related because I love to try new things and help you all make the right decisions when it comes to makeup and skincare products.”





 7) Chriselle Lim

“Stylist and Digital Influencer, Chriselle Lim has been creating quite a stir in the fashion industry.”  Originally known as “The Chriselle Factor” from her blog, Chriselle began her youtube channel to empower women all over in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips.  “Chriselle’s goal is to encourage, educate, and inspire all women across the globe through her personal style, runway trends, beauty secrets, and fashion tips and tricks. She is now one of the most influential tastemakers on the web, and if her addicting daily musings are any indication, the best is yet to come. “





8) Vagabound Youth

“Amy Lee is a 21 year old Los Angeles native and full time UCLA student with a penchant for DIYs, fashion, and beauty.”




9) Amy Pham (The Platform)

The Platform is a community of passionate content creators who share a love of beauty, fashion, and self expression. We celebrate real faces, real voices, real points of view, and believe that being unique never goes out of style.”




10) Just Kidding Films 

“Teaching Good Things In A Bad Way.”




11) Wong Fu Productions 

“Short films, music videos, and vlogs from Wes, Ted, and Phil. We like to tell stories, whether they’re funny, sad, or thoughtful. As emerging artists and filmmakers, we hope to continue to improve our craft, grow as a company, and reach people with our work.”






12) itsJudysLife

“Benji and I are daily vloggers from Seattle. We’ve been vlogging every day since October of 2012 before we started our family! We have 3 beautiful daughters Julianna, Miya, and Keira. Watch us on the daily!”



13) Tina Yong

“My name is Tina Yong and I’m a hair & makeup artist based in Sydney, Australia. Here I’ll be sharing with you my beauty tips and tricks, makeup tutorials, hair tutorials and travel vlogs.”





14) William Singe

Formerly part of the Australian boy-band that competed on X-Factor Australia Season Three,  The Collective, Singe recreates covers of top hits such as Drake’s “Hotline Bling”.



15) SoothingSista

Vancouver born and Bay area raised, Soothing Sista, aka Stephanie Villa, creates content based on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.  Her ultimate desire is to embody the young, self-motivating, and modern young woman.




16) PONY Makeup





17) Sarocha B

Originally started as ‘JustMyLifeAsMe’, this thai beauty is known for her fashion, lifestyle, and beauty videos.  Sarocha B’s videos consists of lookbooks, makeup tutorials, DIY’s, and blogs.





18) Vivian Vo Farmer

“Hi, I’m Vivian (:

Just posting fashion, beauty, or any other videos I can to hopefully help all you guys (: Feel free to comment, like, and subscribe for more videos. I always read the comments to give me ideas for videos so tell me what you all want and like!”






19) Sophia Chang (fashionista804)

Makeup Artist, Beauty Guru, Fashion blogger




20) Cassey Ho (blogilates)

Full length POP Pilates and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workouts with certified fitness instructor Cassey Ho.



21) International Secret Agents (ISAtv)

“Founded + Operated by Wong Fu Productions + Far East Movement

ISAtv: Asian Pacific America Culture + Entertainment, Elevated. Our mission is to be a hub for Asian American Culture, Entertainment, and Lifestyle. We seek to elevate talent and creators in our community! Please reach out to us with YOUR ideas, music, videos, and more! shows@ISAtv.com”


22) LeSassafras




23) The Kinjaz

“The Kinjaz are a Los Angeles-based performance group, formed initially by Mike Song and Anthony Lee, that uniquely combines music and urban-dancing to create an original and entertaining form of story-telling. Through their fusion of theatrics, intricate choreography, and comedy, the kin·jaz (“brother ninjas”) create a mystical ninja world where camaraderie, the will-power to never give up, and the war between Good and Evil are always present. “




24) Jason Chen (MusicNeverSleeps) 

“Welcome to a land where music is colorblind and languageblind!”




25) The Fung Bros

“We’re brothers who believe in advancing the education and discussion of Asian and Asian-American topics for people around the world. Oh ya, we also like sneakers, food, fashion and music.”



Let us know anymore we should add to our list!