5 Asian Celebrities Thinking Fast for Ramadan 2019

Every year, Ramadan takes place on the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, which usually falls during the month of May according to the Gregorian calendar. To show faith and discipline, Muslims fast throughout the holy month. Unlike your college days, a big 4 a.m. breakfast is socially acceptable during Ramadan, as fasting commences from  dusk to dawn.

While fasting is no easy task, these Muslim celebrities are handling it with humor and positivity.

1 . Humza Arshad


Observing Ramadan can be tough. Based on this meme, we can assume comedian Humza Arshad has had a…rocky start.

2. Maya Karin

The former Asia-Pacific Film Festival Best Actress Maya Karin is sick of buffets gouging hungry Muslims. They have a chance to stuff their faces during iftar, the post-sunset dinner used to break fast.

3. Mahira Khan

One of Pakistan’s biggest movie stars, Mahira Khan is wishing everyone a Ramadan Mubarak. Save yourself the embarrassment and do the same, as “Happy Ramadan” is technically not an appropriate greeting.

4. Malala Yousafzai

Nobel Prize-winning activist Malala Yousafzai shows that even people with personal holidays observe Ramadan. In celebration of all the schools opened by the young Pakistani woman, Malala Day is celebrated on July 12.

5. Yuna

Malasyian singer-songwriter Yuna has had a busy May. Not only is she observing Ramadan, but she’s also celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. On May 11, she performed in Los Angeles for APAHM concert IDENTITY LA.