AAPI Entertainers and Creatives Sit Down Together in Unforgettable Questions Series

It might be tough to imagine actress Lindsay Price working anywhere else besides the screen. But when asked by Kelly Mi Li (“Bling Empire”), the “90210” star shared that if she weren’t acting, she might have another career idea in store.

“Interior design,” she said, before jokingly offering to decorate Li’s house. “I will work for noodles.”

As part of our Unforgettable Questions video series, Li, Price, and many more AAPI entertainers came together at the 2021 Unforgettable Gala to ask one another surprise questions. Alex Landi and Ashley Park chatted about their secret skills, while teen breakout actresses Momona Tamada and Peyton Elizabeth Lee shared how their families helped encourage their careers. The series was hosted by our gala presenting sponsor, Lexus.

Watch the trailer above for a sneak peek, then you can view all the full conversations below!

Richa Moorjani and Hayden Szeto

Leah Lewis and Adeline Rudolph

Darren Barnet and Jimmy O. Yang

Lee Rodriguez and Ramona Young

Kelly Mi Li and Lindsay Price

Alexander Hodge and Ludi Lin

Ashley Park and Alex Landi

Peyton Elizabeth Lee and Momona Tamada

Audrey Nuna and Olivia Liang