Act of Heroism From Japanese Train Passengers

During Monday morning rush hour in a Tokyo train station, passengers were met with horrific news- a woman had fallen into the eight inch gap between the train and the platform and was trapped. The woman had fallen while getting off the train in Japan Railway Minami Urawa Station in Saitama, near Tokyo

Rather than mind their own business and focus on getting to work, over 40 passengers joined the train officials to push the 32-ton train to its side. The train’s suspension system lets it to lean to either side with enough force. This allowed for passengers to pull the woman out once the carriage was shifted. With the efforts of this act of kindness, the delay took only a mere 8 minutes.

Miraculously, the trapped woman was pulled out uninjured and received a round of applause. The woman was apparently in her 30’s. Its unclear how the unidentified women had fallen into the gap, but onlookers claim that she had gotten trapped around her waist.

A newspaper photographer happened to catch the act of heroism in action. This photo of the rescue ran in the Yomiuri’s evening edition.

See the full photo below: