The Last Hot-Airbender

I’m gonna be honest: I could give a damn about The Last Airbender. I didn’t watch the beloved cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender and after seeing the trailer […]

Hooking up through Hangul

During my scouring of the Internet, I unfortunately stumbled on this darling little article from the GlobalPost about the use of language exchanges in Korea — where an English […]

Ethno L.A. Film Retrospective

From our filmmaker friend Tadashi Nakamura, The Center for EthnoCommunications at UCLA is presenting Ethno L.A. on Monday, May 10, a retrospective of EthnoCommunications films which have provided an […]

"Jersey Shore" Meets KTown?

Via 8Asians, casting has begun for a Koreatown reality series in the vein of MTV hit Jersey Shore. You’ve got your headshots ready, right? The show seeks: “…attractive Asian-Americans […]

Zainichis Rising

You can count the number of things I don’t know about Korean history and culture on many fingers and toes. Usually, I utilize my standby excuse of “But I’m […]