[VIDEO] BuzzFeed: Americans Try Korean Side Dishes


After tasting popular Korean snacks for the first time last year, Buzzfeed is back for a second helping of Korean food.

If you’re a regular customer at Korean BBQ restaurants, then you’re probably familiar with the assortment of marinated seafood and pickled vegetables that are served along with the main entrée. Buzzfeed recently recruited a panel of Americans to taste five of these side dishes, also known as banchan. 

Among the side dishes served were pig’s feet (jokbal) and steamed silkworm pupae (bbundaegi)– two of the panelists refused to eat the latter dish. Meanwhile, the more adventurous panelists who took a bite of these juicy critters said they have “not acquired” the taste buds to appreciate it.

Most side dishes are eaten with rice or alcohol, not by themselves. However, we’re not sure if rice or alcohol would have helped the panelists savor the silkworm pupae any more than they did.

It’s surprising how Buzzfeed chose not to include kimchi in the taste testing, considering how it’s served at almost every Korean restaurant. Someone should have busted out the kkakdugi.

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