Check Will.I.Am Out

Update: Thanks to our reader Connie, we have the official video – looks like the YouTube version I screencapped from had the words flipped because it was bootlegged. Our mistake!

If you’ve seen’s new music video for “Check It Out,” featuring Nicki Minaj, you might have noticed something familiar…the video is introduced by a Korean-speaking male, who says (roughly translated), “Hello everyone!  We have something special today! Our two friends from America, William and Nicki Minaj are here… check it ouu-tta!”

But that’s not the only Korean in the music video – almost the entire video has bouncing Korean words in the background, except for the most part, they’re …backwords. Maybe to look more Oriental?

Normally, I’d think the whole concept was a little suspect, but’s been working with a few Korean/Korean American artists lately – 2NE1 and Far East Movement – he even admitted to enjoying going into Koreatown for Korean food, while enjoying a bowl of  samgyetang (Korean ginseng chicken soup) on an episode of 2NE1TV.

Unfortunately, the video’s already been taken off YouTube, but I’m sure the official version will be up on Vevo soon.

So what’s the verdict? Is just spreading the Korean love? Or is the video borderline tacky?