AMC’s Steven Yeun Nerds Out

Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead (AMC) on this month’s 68th annual Golden Globes.

By Oliver Saria
Photograph by Joana Pak

So your first Golden Globes! Was it overwhelming? It definitely was crazy. But I’ve been to Comic-Con—and that was pure crazy.

Well, I guess a nerd-herd could be more intimidating than L.A.’s in-crew. Did you have any fan boy moments? I did meet Aziz Ansari [NBC’s Parks and Recreation]. I totally nerded out to him.

What did you guys say? “Hey, you’re that Asian dude.” “Hey, you’re that other Asian dude.” Haha, nah. I said, “Hey man! I’m a huge fan! I just kept talking and acting like an idiot. He said he was catching up on my show.

Nice, you got recognized. That must’ve felt good. Did you get to see Natalie Portman’s baby bump? I’m sure a part of you died—like me—when you heard the news that she, in fact, will not be your baby mama. Haha. I didn’t get to see it in person. Yeah, she’s taken now, so a lot of dudes will have to defer to another extremely hot actress.

Scarlett Johansson is back on the market, so there’s hope. Did you think Globes host Ricky Gervais’ shtick was as awkward as it looked on television? It was awesome. I really like Ricky Gervais so my brother and I were just cracking up—and so was everyone else around me. But you did hear a lot of “OHHHH!!!”

So you were actually at the after-party where Paz de la Huerta [AMC’s Boardwalk Empire] flashed her breast, fell over sloshed and ripped her dress—thereby becoming TMZ fodder? Let’s just say, she should have been at home by that point. I personally didn’t see the scene she made [in front of TMZ cameras]. I heard about it and then I distinctly remembered seeing a very drunk girl, stumbling around. And I was like, “Oh, she did THAT?”

Who was the most beautiful person you saw that night? I’m gonna be lame and say the ladies of [AMC’s The Walking Dead]. Emma Bell, Sarah Wayne Callies and Laurie Holden were just beautiful.

Has filming for the second season started? Nope, not until probably spring or summer. And yes, I will definitely be in the second season.

Speaking of which, did it make you nervous when you heard that the entire writing staff was fired after the first season? No, not really. It is literally Frank [Darabont, the director] and Robert [Kirkman, the comic book co-creator] running the show. If they’d left, then I’d be like, “Um, we’re in trouble.”