IOPE Challenges Woman to Apply Makeup in Zero Gravity

by JAMES S. KIM | @james_s_kim

The IOPE Air Cushion has been one of the hottest items out of the South Korean cosmetic world this past year, ever since actress Jun Ji-hyun used the product on the hit K-drama My Love From Another Star. So, what’s the big deal about this thing?

For one, the “parking stamp” applier allows for quick application of the product, which happens to be a magical BB cream-sunscreen concoction. You can apply this on top of your makeup as the tint allows the product to blend in even if you’re wearing foundation or powder, leaving the wearer with the desirable mul gwang “water sheen” complexion. If you need more convincing from an expert, let Audrey Magazine’s editor Anna Park expound further on the Air Cushion’s amazing qualities.

iope-copyJun Ji-hyun in My Love From Another Star. (Screenshot)

Apparently, these aren’t enough reasons for IOPE. In a recent commercial, the cosmetic company claims busy Korean women love the product because they can spend just 30 seconds putting on the Air Cushion. So, after the fashion of a K-drama, IOPE tested their beloved product under an extreme circumstance: zero gravity.

In the video below, one woman is challenged to apply makeup using the Air Cushion while floating in zero gravity—all within 30 seconds.

We imagine an IOPE-sponsored Korean remake of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity would go something like this: Replace Sandra Bullock with Jun Ji-hyun, who is stranded in space after her “love from another star” turns out to be a dud.

As she hurtles through the atmosphere in a landing craft, Jun finds the IOPE Air Cushion in her spacesuit. At that moment, she decides she’s going to look good if she’s going to get back to finding her true love. The clock reads T-minus 30 seconds until splash down. Hopefully, the Air Cushion’s swimming game is strong, too.

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