U.S. Remakes of ‘My Love From Another Star’ and ‘Nine’ Likely to Be Shelved

by REERA YOO | @reeraboo

ABC and NBC recently announced their television show lineup for the 2015-16 season, and the U.S. remakes of Korean dramas My Love From Another Star and Nine were not included.

Sony Pictures Television has been developing the remake of My Love From Another Star for ABC since last February, with The Vampire Diaries writers Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft attached to the project. The original drama’s creator Park Ji-eun was also recruited to be the executive producer of the anticipated remake. However, with ABC’s recent announcement, the My Love From Another Star remake seems to have come to a halt. HB Entertainment, the production company behind the original Korean series, said there has been no updated schedule for the remake’s release, according to DramaFever.

Meanwhile, time-travel thriller Nine has been in development since October 2013, when it was first picked up by Fake Empire Productions, the company that produced hit American TV series Gossip Girl and Chuck. Kim Yun-jin of Lost was also attached to the project to help introduce the K-drama to American audiences. Unfotunately, ABC canceled its pilot order for Nine before the pilot episode could be filmed.

CJ E&M, the Korean production company behind Nine, said in a statement, “America’s system of producing dramas is not fast. Currently, there are around 300-500 shows being planned annually. Of those shows only five percent end up getting aired. Securing a pilot for Nine failed. We are not sure what will happen. We still only have a script.”

There are other Korean dramas that are in the works for an American remake. FOX bought the rights for Answer Me 1997 back in July while CBS picked up Good Doctor, which is being executive produced by Daniel Dae Kim. God’s Gift – 14 Days most recently finalized a deal with Hollywood’s Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to produce the American remake.


Featured image via Soompi