Kim Jong-il needs Rogaine

Reasons for North Korea’s recent hereditary transfer of power to Kim Jong-il’s youngest son: the Dear Leader’s ailing health? The Dear Leader’s old age? Or could it be… the Dear Leader’s loss of that endearing, vertical fro?

Not sure what the secretive dictator is truly up to, or whether he’ll ever denuclearize the North. But we do know this: Kim Jong-il is going bald. According to this Gawker post, a photographer from Iran’s Mehr news agency snapped a shot of the chrome-domed leader during this month’s North Korean anniversary celebrations.

A rough patch for Kim Jong-il.

Kim’s voluminous, kinked coiffure has been widely covered, and the question as to whether it’s permed or natural has intrigued onlookers for years. Alleged bald spots were reported as early as 2004, when news cameras caught “shiny patches of the Dear Scalp glistening between strategically combed curls.”