‘May December’ Features Charles Melton in a Scandalous Relationship

It started as an open invite, but soon became her worst nightmare. In Netflix’s upcoming thriller, “May December, Julianne Moore plays the controversial Gracie Atherton-Yoo, a woman who receives national backlash for her crime of engaging in a sexual relationship with a minor at the time, Joe Yoo (Charles Melton). Based on the real-life relationship between school teacher Mary Kay Letourneau and her student Vii Fualaau, “May December” follows their story, years after the original scandal, as Gracie settles into a seemingly normal married life with Joe and their children. But Gracie’s sense of normal quickly devolves into chaos when actress Elizabeth Berry (Natalie Portman) enters the picture. This controversial story is met with a fictional twist: what if an actress was tasked with portraying the publicly hated criminal Gracie?

For Elizabeth, this is the dream scenario. She’s been hungry for a role that will challenge and push Gracie to an extreme. In the trailer, we see Elizabeth verging on an unhealthy obsession with Gracie, infiltrating every facet of her life and deteriorating her relationship with Joe. 

The Yoos’ children are played by Piper Curda (“Legacies”), Elizabeth Yu (“Avatar the Last Airbender”), and rookie actor, Gabriel Chung. The film also features D.W. Moffett, Cory Michael Smith, and Lawrence Arancio

As Elizabeth drives a wedge between the forbidden couple, viewers can’t help but wonder how far she will go? “May December” will premiere for a limited theatrical release on Nov. 17 and then be available for streaming on Netflix Dec. 1.

Watch the trailer here!