Netflix’s ‘Doona!’ K-drama Stars Bae Suzy as a Former Idol in Love

From the mind that brought you Netflix’s K-drama series, “Crash Landing On You,” director Lee Jung-hyo is back with another drama. This time, it’s set between a former K-pop idol, Doona (Bae Suzy), and college student, Won-jun (Yang Se-jong), who room together in a communal living house. Based on the popular webtoon, “The Girl Downstairs,” the series will be available for streaming on Oct. 20. 

Bae is no stranger to leading a romance drama. Since pivoting away from her K-pop group, Miss A, she’s been acting at every opportunity, most recently starring in the K-dramas, “Anna” and Netflix’s “Start-up.”  Bae easily molds into the role, especially due to her past experience as an idol. Her screen partner, Yang known for “Temperature of Love” and “Still 17,” has captured hearts before as the leading man of both of these series. Now pair these two together and you have something electric, from the looks of the teaser. We see Won-jun ask Doona, “What goes on in that mind of yours?” She later warns him not to fall for her. Whatever romance these two share —viewers are definitely in for a bumpy ride.

Watch the sparks fly for yourself in Netflix’s official teaser down below!