Review: Did BEFORE ELIXIR Solve Our Asian Glow?


Last month, we introduced the all-natural Asian glow remedy, Before Elixir. Since then, there has been some skepticism about how effective the drink is, so we decided to put it to the test. Here’s a breakdown of how the little experiment went down:

-2 bottles of soju (1 bottle taken without the elixir and 1 bottle taken with the elixir).
-3 bottles of Before Elixir.
-3 foolish test subjects.

The first round was meant showcase just how red we can get. After taking a couple hours to flush the alcohol out of our system, each subject took a bottle of Before Elixir 30 minutes before the second round of soju. Here’s how the reaction of each subject played out.





Without elixir: Like usual, I started feeling warmth in my cheeks. Eventually redness appeared mainly around my chest, neck and my face, and my heart would start beating quicker than normal.

With elixir: There was still some redness, but I did not feel as warm on my face and my heart rate didn’t speed up. If it makes any sense, I felt “normal” with a small buzz, but looked like I was on a good one.

Did it work: For me, I don’t think it worked as well as my other method of avoiding the Asian glow, which is Zantac. Physically, I still looked a bit red. However, I did feel a difference. I felt less less warmth, which was probably the result of my heart not pumping at a faster rate. I would recommend this for a more casual night out where you know you’ll be having one or two drinks. If you’re planning to party at the club all night doing shots shots shots… this may not be strong enough to cure the Asian glow.





Without elixir: Typically, my cheeks get the most red and I start heating up (sometimes even sweating) after the third round.

With elixir: Let’s start with the elixir itself. I will say that the bright red color of the drink lead me to think that it would taste like cherry-flavored candy. As it turns out, the taste wasn’t anything I expected– It reminded me of Vitamin Water. What did surprise me was a little spicy aftertaste that I felt trail down my throat. After the second round, I noticed that there was still some flushing in my face, however, my face didn’t feel as warm as usual.

Did it work: For the most part, I say it worked for me. It prevented my body from getting super heated and I didn’t have to worry about being a sweaty mess while on a good buzz. Other than that, I wish it completely diminished the flush.





Without elixir: Usually, I feel my face start to grow warm and within 10-20 minutes, my face and my eyes turn pretty bright red for awhile. My neck and chest don’t change color though. I am also a lightweight so I normally don’t try to go past one beer/glass of wine/etc. since that already makes me “glow.”

With elixir: I felt my face grow warm still, but my face didn’t turn red.

Did it work: It’s hard to say because I didn’t drink a lot after taking the Elixir (I’d say about two full shots of soju). The drink also tasted off and left me with a weird feeling in my stomach, so I’ll probably try the Zantac method. Or I’ll just try not drinking at all and pleasing the parents (just kidding).



If you feel up to testing out the Before Elixir remedy, you can check out their website here for more information.


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