South Korea’s Latest Hair Trend: Heart-Shaped Bangs

by ALYSSA PARK, Audrey Magazine

I once thought that the only girl who could boldly pull off heart-shaped bangs was my favorite childhood cartoon character, Sailor Moon. I stand corrected.

The latest hair craze among South Korean women has nothing to do with color or accessories. In the Gangbuk District of Seoul, South Korea, girls everywhere have been styling a new hair trend that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and it is surprisingly cute. Korean girls everywhere are parting their bangs in the middle with the ends connecting into a heart. It seems Kendall Jenner’s record breaking Instagram photo of heart shaped hair may have started a  hair movement half way across the globe.

heart-bangs-kendell(Photo via Yahoo)

Now, you can find Korean girls all over Instagram sporting this look, with each girl putting a slightly different spin on it. While many girls have been testing this look just for pictures and Instagram, others have been trying this look out in public.

Although this gives off a very cute appearance, is the look a little too drastic to be worn on an everyday basis? Any chance this hair trend will make its way into America? Check out these photos and let us know what you think about this new Korean hair trend.

heart-bangs-cute(Photo via Ukyungjang/Instagram)

heart-bangs-double (Photo via

heart-bangs-hat(Photo via Yahoo)

heart-bangs-pale(Photo via Yahoo)


This article was originally published on Audrey Magazine

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