The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful: A List of 9 Hot AAPI Dads

Happy Father’s Day!

While you may be attending family barbecues and gifting discounted ties and #1 Dad coffee mugs, how about trying something new? At Character Media, we’re celebrating this Father’s Day a little differently. From Jason Momoa’s character Ray Cooper on “Sweet Girl,” to John Cho as David Kim in “Searching,” take some time to acknowledge the hottest Asian American and Pacific Islander dads portrayed in film and TV.

(Also, please note that this list is not ranked by hot-ness. All dads mentioned below are attractive in their own, unique ways.)

1. Mohan Vishwakumar (Sendhil Ramamurthy) from “Never Have I Ever

This one is a no-brainer. While, yes, Darren Barnet’s devilishly handsome Paxton is the central hottie of “Never Have I Ever,” Devi’s father Mohan, who met an untimely death before the series begins, easily steals his every scene. All flashbacks or dream sequences will make viewers fall for Mohan, not only for his endearing smile, but also for the heartfelt advice he often offers Devi from beyond the grave. His infectious, positive spirit ups his hot-ness factor, and his motorcycle is the cherry on top. 

2. Sean Townsend (Henry Golding) from “A Simple Favor

Okay, okay—it’s a bit hard to focus on Henry Golding’s Sean in “A Simple Favor,” mostly due to Blake Lively prancing around in suits and the endless plot twists. But upon a rewatch, Sean checks off many boxes in the hot dads realm. Besides being played by Golding, he’s a writer, he’s British and he cares much more about his son than viewers first expect. In fact, Sean is a more involved parent than Lively’s character, Emily, who seems to resent motherhood. If only he didn’t also decide to hook up with his presumed dead wife’s best friend. 

3. Ray Cooper (Jason Momoa) from “Sweet Girl

Ray Cooper runs off on two things: spite and love for his family. After losing his wife Amanda to cancer, and learning that the arrival of a lifesaving drug was delayed due to corporate greed, Cooper makes it his life’s mission to get revenge. His daughter, Rachel, finds herself in conflict with his quest for vengeance and tags along in hopes of setting her father straight. The complex relationship between the two is the heart of the film and the plot twist at the end will move audiences to tears. And most importantly (according to this list, anyway) he looks outstanding in the fighting sequences. It’s hard to find anyone who wouldn’t fawn over him.

4. David Kim (John Cho) from “Searching

Some people may wonder how David Kim landed on this list. Is David grieving and stressed about his missing daughter, Margot? Yes. Is David losing his sanity because he realizes he’s been neglecting his daughter since his wife died? Also yes. Does that change the fact that John Cho totally pulls off the rugged and disheveled dad look? No. Anyway, David’s relentless drive to find Margot only helps the hot factor, even if it’s rather grim to watch someone attractive go to their wit’s end. Hopefully, Cho has a chance at playing a happier father role in the future, but looking at the trailer for “Don’t Make Me Go,” fans may have to wait for the time being.

5. Malik Khan (Riz Ahmed) from “Encounter” 

Riz Ahmed doesn’t have to do much to make audiences swoon—on account of being Riz Ahmed. But add in the fact his character, Malik, embarks on a quest to save his two young sons from an otherworldly threat in “Encounter?” There’s no chance he wasn’t going to end up on the list. But in all seriousness, the poignant relationship between Mailk and his children, Jay and Bobby, is the film’s highlight. It’s not the tense action scenes that make Malik a hot dad, but his commitment to taking care of his sons, even at the risk of his own life, that makes him so captivating to audiences. And if we’re frank, also his jawline.

6. Jacob Yi (Steven Yeun) from “Minari

Unlike other installments on this list, Jacob Yi is not faced with monsters, aliens or missing children. Steven Yeun plays an idealistic, yet stubborn Korean immigrant, steadfast in his goal of “making it” in America with his family. Jacob might not be the most outwardly affectionate father. He sometimes seems to care more about monetary success than his family, but his character’s flawed nature doesn’t take away from his rural and honest charm. And his softer moments of showing devotion towards his wife and children are sure to leave any viewer infatuated. 

7. Robert Minoru (James Yaegashi) from “Runaways

Don’t be fooled by the glasses, the perfectly coiffed hair or that sweet smile—Robert Minoru is a villain. A somewhat reluctant one, but nonetheless, that doesn’t take away from the fact he’s a dark wizard and part of a secret organization that sacrifices human beings. Some may argue that makes him even more charming, as his inner moral conflict can be seen as another draw for audiences rather than a fault. Also, Minoru does look hot in the endless sweater vests he wears in the series, so there’s no doubt in adding him to the list of good-looking AAPI dads (even if his parenting skills need some fine-tuning).

8. Xu Wenwu (Tony Leung) from “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

There was no way we would forget the legend, the icon, the Tony Leung, a fan-favorite since the start of his career. His character Wenwu in “Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings” is just as mesmerizing as his previous roles. Wenwu might be a bad guy, the villain of his children’s lives, bringing death and destruction everywhere he goes. But that doesn’t negate the fact that he’s hot. Stone-cold in regards to both murder and looks, Wenwu’s intense loyalty toward his deceased wife and his constant soulful glances prove that he is the epitome of a hot dad.

9. Waymond Wang (Ke Huy Quan) from “Everything Everywhere All at Once

Some nonbelievers may scoff at the last addition to this list. But take a moment to really think about Waymond Wang, particularly in the Wong Kar-Wai-inspired universe, which sees him as the elegant and suave businessman of Evelyn’s dreams. He also uttered one of the most romantic lines ever heard in cinema: “In another life, I would have really liked just doing laundry and taxes with you.” Even outside that universe, Waymond’s dorky and clumsy dad antics are endearing, to say the least, and also form the heart of the film. So, in conclusion, Waymond Wang deserves his spot as a hot dad.