The Nightingale: Clara Chung

This is part of our cover series on Asian American YouTube stars. Check out our recent profiles on Wong Fu Productions, Dumbfoundead, Megan Lee, David Choi, Ryan Higa and Just Kidding Films

Clara Chung / claracmusic
singer, songwriter, all-around musician

If anyone could pull off the one-woman band, it would be Clara. She plays the instruments that you might expect a typical Asian American to play (piano, trumpet, flute, guitar), but also plays the glockenspiel, melodica, and the cajón. Huh? And, oh yeah, she dabbles in the drums. It would be easy to dismiss her as a jack-of-all-trades, except she’s the master of them all and has a melodic, husky voice to boot. “[Being a singer] was always a quiet dream,” says Chung, 22. “I didn’t believe in myself as a musician, but I had friends who believed in me and then it started getting really fun.” It’s perhaps all of these skills that led to her winning both the International Secret Agents (ISA) 2009 and Kollaboration 10 talent competitions. Her debut album, Art in My Heart, is out this month.

By Elizabeth Eun
Photographed by Daniel Chae

Check out Clara’s official music video for “Offbeat” after the jump!