The Wisecrackers: Just Kidding Films

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Joe Jo and Bart Kwan / justkiddingfilms
writers, directors, comedians

It’s hard to get past the laugh-out-loud, sometimes crass and generally facetious humor, but once you do, it’s almost heartwarming to see what the boys behind Just Kidding Films are trying to do. By producing comedic videos about long-standing stereotypes, Joe Jo, 26, and Bart Kwan, 25, end up throwing up a big middle finger to everyone who thinks archaic conventions should still stand. In their Korean History videos, Jo and Kwan transform into Korean ajeoshis, complete with pama-ed wigs and golf hats, and break down why Koreans will win the World Cup (because they invented the ball), or how to get a date for Valentine’s Day (buy a Mercedes, get her drunk and then beat her). But for all their joking, this duo is just trying to keep it real. “For the majority of our videos, we try to teach some moral or lesson. [The skits] focus mostly on pursuing your dreams, to not be a female dog, and to go after what you want,” says Kwan.

By Elizabeth Eun
Photographed by Nathaniel Fu in Los Angeles.

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