There’s More To Stand-Up Than ‘Baby Cobra:’ Check Out These 9 Asian Comedians

You’ve probably heard Ali Wong rant about the horrors of pregnancy or maybe you like to tune into the “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” for a bit of news entertainment. But there’s so much more to the world of Asian American comedians.

1. Sabrina Jalees

Looking right at home on stage, Jalees delivers material focusing on everything from being a Canadian living in the U.S. to her family’s odd reactions to her coming out. She’s currently working on writing a TV show, “Hanging On,” about a retired couple who embarks on an epic cross country road trip.

2. Sheng Wang

A writer from “Fresh Off The Boat,” Sheng Wang’s deep timbre might be the first thing that captures your attention, but the jokes will make you stay. Wang makes comedic gold from even the most mundane subjects—like the high stakes situation of owning five ripe avocados. You can catch him talking about cuddling and lifting weights on his album, Cornucopias Are Actually Horrible Containers.

3. Sindhu Vee

British comic Sindhu Vee is a master of accents, timing and performance. Her acting skills are so on-point, some viewers say it feels like their mom is in the room reprimanding them. During her sets, Vee sometimes cracks jokes about the various mispronunciations of her name, which inspired the title of her upcoming live tour, Sandhog.

4. Joel Kim Booster

If you haven’t heard of Joel Kim Booster or started watching his stand-up, you’re in for a treat. Kim has performed on “Conan,” “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and on his own Comedy Central special, where he dropped one-liners about being adopted, driving in L.A. and the difficulties of being gay in a conservative, religious family.

5.  Sierra Katow

Right after Sierra Katow flashes you her signature awkward, polite smile, she’ll knock you out of your seat with her dry wit. Katow is only 23 and is already fairly accomplished. She’s been on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and wrote for Wong Fu Productions latest series “Dating After College.” This summer, you can see her perform in locations across California.

6. Sherry Cola

You may know her as Lil’ Tasty, the high-energy character that raps about food, or as Alice the  big-hearted apartment complex manager from “Good Trouble.” Cola’s exuberant personality and blunt sense of honesty make her a natural on stage. Catch her at the Hollywood Fringe on June 22.

7. Gibran Saleem

While working on his master’s in psychology, Saleem was hopping from one New York comedy club to the next, honing his skills on stage. Saleem is a natural storyteller. He can expertly explain a situation, develop a multitude of clever jokes around it and then nonchalantly drop a power-packed punchline. While he continues to dominate in New York City, you can see him live at the Black Cat LES or the Comedy Cellar.

8. Irene Tu

Is that a teenage boy on stage? No, that’s just Tu, a Chinese American, lesbian comic who likes to poke fun about her childhood, racist experiences and her love of food. She’s carving a place for herself in the Bay Area with her hilarious live performances. Don’t miss her at Clusterfest, a 3-day long event organized by Comedy Central that includes acts by John Mulaney and Amy Poehler.

9. Fizaa Dosani

Dosani is a high energy comedian with a rambunctious personality who likes to roast Florida and discuss everything related to sex. Additionally, Dosani is the creator of Facial Recognition Comedy, a touring stand-up show and comedy brand that promotes South Asian female-identifying performers. Check her out at Crazy Woke Asians, where Sherry Cola will also be performing.