This Makeup Tutorial Won’t Teach You Anything About Makeup, But It’s One of the Best We’ve Ever Seen

Let’s be honest here. There are about 43,670,746,827,946 YouTube makeup tutorials that you can choose from. Asia and Asian makeup is currently at the forefront of the cosmetic world so it was no surprise to us that this past month alone, we’ve seen amazing makeup tutorials on fake lashes, electric winged eyes and smoky eyes from Asian vloggers. Clearly, we’re in no shortage of these.

What we do want to see more of are videos like the following from YouTube personality Anna Akana. Known for her sass, her down-to-earth personality and her DGAF humor, Akana recently released a makeup tutorial called “How to put on your face.”

It teaches you absolutely nothing about makeup.

Instead, it focuses on something that doesn’t have countless videos online. As Akana puts on her makeup, she shows us how to cover our eyes with eyeshadow optimism, how to shape and fill in our eyebrows thoughts and how we need to find just the right amount of blush kindness. Oh, and cat eyes. (There’s no hidden meaning there – she just really likes cat eyes.)

We know what you’re thinking. This sounds “motivational poster” cheesy, but somehow Akana finds a way to avoid cheesiness while giving a very positive message. The video was made in response to all the requests she received so we’re left to assume that she either didn’t want viewers to know her makeup secrets (seriously though, how does she look so cool?) or she just thought this message was more important.

The best part of this video? She reminds us that it’s OK (and important) to care about both your appearance and care about your well-being.

“In other words, does what you do out here match what you feel in here?” she says. “Because I believe confidence and how you carry yourself is going to affect more of your relationships than anything else. If everywhere you come from is from an insecure, inadequate place, you’re not gonna be a very fun person to be around. So make sure you take care of this [inside and outside] when necessary.”