Top 10 Life Lessons From ‘Fresh Off the Boat”s Jessica Huang


Even though it’s only been about a week since Fresh Off the Boat‘s season one finale, we’re already missing it. For once my family had a ritual every Tuesday. My parents were no longer watching celebrities ballroom dance, my sisters weren’t SnapChatting the evening away, and I wasn’t tucked away with my laptop watching Netflix. We were all actually excited for our weekly family time watching the Huangs (dare I say it?) together.

But now our Tuesday nights gathered around the TV will have to be put on hold as we eagerly wait and see if Fresh Off the Boat will continue with a second season. In the meantime, we reflect back on the season and look at important life lessons taught by none other than our most favorite tv mom, Jessica Huang.

Being the rock of the family, Jessica seems to know exactly what to say and proves “mother knows best.” She manages to handle any situation like the financially savvy, brutally honest, real estate pimp she is. From defining self-worth to negotiating, Jessica has left us with these priceless life lessons:


1) The meaning of “free”




2) The importance of street safety




3) The meaning of friendship




4) How to humbly brag




5) The art of negotiation



6) Defining your self-worth

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7) The truth about the Birds and the Bees

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8) All is fair in loss and poker

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9) RESPECT for women




10) How to handle a racist situation like a BOSS



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