[VIDEO] How to Differentiate Koreans From Other Asians

by REERA YOO |@reeraboo

As Steven Yeun once emphatically said on Conan, not all Asians look alike. So, how do people differentiate Koreans from other Asians?

Korean YouTuber sw yoon decided to find out by asking several students at an international college campus how they distinguish their Korean classmates from the crowd.

Many of the students said they can spot Korean girls by their distinct makeup, particularly their BB creams and bright lip tints. As for Korean guys, the students said they were easily distinguishable by their “bowl-cut” or gelled hairstyles. Two Korean male students agreed with this observation, adding that they often check a bathroom mirror before heading to class.

Majority of interviewees also noted that their Korean classmates have a great fashion sense, calling their style “cool and hip” as well as “classy.” Funnily enough, the most noticeable aspects of Korean fashion seemed to be high-quality, boxy backpacks and round glasses. One female student from Thailand even quipped that she can differentiate Koreans from behind by just glancing at their backpacks.

Some said they found Koreans to be a bit loud and more cliquey than other Asian groups. One Nepali student mentioned that Koreans tend to socialize with only other Koreans and are sometimes not as welcoming to people from different countries. On the flip side, other students said they found Koreans to be very generous, especially when it comes to food.

“Always trying to share their yangnyum chicken with everybody,” said a Mexican student. “They’re really sharing people, obviously.”

Another student remarked, “Even if there is like one more bite left, they’ll give it to you.”

And what do Koreans think of their fellow countrymen? When the interviewer asked two Korean guys, they joked, “We are the freshest.”

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