[VIDEO] ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Trailer Will Make Your Heart Melt

by REER AYOO | @reeraboo

Pixar recently released the official trailer for its upcoming film The Good Dinosaur, and man, the studio is not pulling any emotional punches.

Directed by Korean American director Peter SohnThe Good Dinosaur is set in alternate timeline where a giant meteor doesn’t kill all the dinosaurs. The film follows the budding friendship between a caveman toddler and an Apatosaurus named Arlo.

As the sentence “A single kindness can change everything” appears in the trailer, we see Arlo meet his human companion for the first time. If the swelling music and gorgeous animated backdrops are anything to go by, this Pixar flick is going to make you laugh, cry and gape with wonder when it hits theaters on Thanksgiving.

The Good Dinosaur marks Sohn’s full-length directorial debut. Sohn began his career with Pixar as a storyboard artist for Finding Nemo and later worked on The Incredibles, RatatouilleWALL-E and Up. Fun fact: Russell, the adorable Wilderness Explorer from Up, was partially modeled after Sohn.

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