Get to Know Joanna Sotomura From Wong Fu’s ‘Everything Before Us’


Full name: Joanna Reed Sotomura
Age: 28
Ethnic background: Japanese, German
Where she was born: Honolulu, Hawaii
Where she was raised: Honolulu, Hawaii

In Wong Fu’s very first feature-length film, Everything Before Us, Joanna Sotomura stars as Anna, who is introduced as Ben’s co-worker and later becomes his newest girlfriend. As Ben spends more time with his ex-girlfriend, Sara, through a mural project, Anna grows uneasy of their rekindling relationship.



About the film:

1. Describe your character in three words.
Quick, Ambitious, Critical.

2. What is the most crucial part of being in a romantic relationship?
Trust, communication and a shared sense of humor. Trust and communication will help you build a strong foundation and the humor will get you through the toughest of times.

3. What would your real-life relationship score be, and why?
I feel like a solid 87 is a good answer. That’s like a B+ right?

4. Any bloopers or memorable episodes on set?
Aaron Yoo, Chris Riedell and I had a scene together and Phil encouraged us to “play” with it. The guys wanted to do the whole take in these weird Kermit the Frog voices and I agreed! I had to bite my cheek to keep from laughing! It definitely didn’t make it into the final cut.

5. What is your opinion of Wong Fu as film directors?
I am a huge fan of these guys. They had such a beautiful vision for this film and I am just happy they trusted me to be a part of it. I laughed every single day on set and felt so lucky to be a piece of their story. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them.



About Joanna:

1. What always makes you laugh?
My little sister…and watching the Try Guys on Buzzfeed

2. Your go-to comfort food?
Sweet potato fries, good sushi, thin mints, spam musubi, anything with peanut butter

3. Currently on “repeat” on your ipod?
Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”

4. A guilty pleasure you don’t feel guilty about?
Loving Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”

5. Current favorite place?
Watching an outdoor movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I swear it’s not as creepy as it sounds!

6. Favorite drink, alcoholic or otherwise?
A nice glass of Pinot Noir or a peanut butter smoothie…I’m not picky 🙂

7. Current obsessions?

8. Pet peeve?
People who belittle others to make themselves feel bigger

9. Habit you need to break?
Telling myself “I can’t”

10. Hidden talent?
I can rap Watsky’s “Whoa Whoa Whoa”

11. Talent you’d like to have?
I wish I could paint

12. Word or phrase you most overuse?
F*ck it

13. Favorite hashtag?

14. Greatest fear?
Losing the people I love

15. If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what occupation would you be doing?
I’d open a greeting card company with my little sister



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