Happy National Selfie Day! These 9 Asian Celebs Show Us What They Look Like

Feeling cute today? Well snap a pic because it’s National Selfie Day.

On June 21, the world finally has a valid excuse to use the self-portrait function on their phone. If you’re feeling embarrassed, don’t. Here are nine stunning selfies from some of our favorite people to show that you’re never too cool to take a selfie

1.Ian Alexander


Alexander is our favorite ethereal being occupying the physical plane… chill and transcend reality later?

2. Ally Maki


It’s important to show off new drip, especially if you’re playing an environmentalist saving the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3. Lewis Tan


The royal ninja king of our hearts, Lewis Tan of “Into the Badlands” fame, has a huge new role in “Wu Assassins” that we’re anxiously waiting to preview. Hint, hint.

4. Mark Dacascos


There’s nothing basic about taking a hiking selfie. Even if there is, for your own good, don’t tell Dacascos. Why? Just watch “John Wick: Chapter 3–Parabellum.”

5. Simu Liu


It’s nice to see our favorite “Kim’s Convenience” star supporting b-ball legend, Jeremy Lin.

6. Giraffage


DJ Charlie Yin is putting his own hip spin on the OG Asian grandma outfit.

7. Rich Ting


Even modern day warriors use Snapchat filters. You have nothing to be ashamed of.

8. Riz Ahmed


Group photo selfies are great for bonding.

9. Joel Kim Booster


Forget about land and trees, Booster is on a boat now!

10. Eugene Lee Yang


Wow… dare we say this is the cutest Mother’s Day selfie we’ve ever seen? And if you haven’t already checked out Yang’s recent video, do yourself a favor and watch it.